About Us

“To change the world through expertise in cyber security, software development and IT.”

We aim to help our customers achieve their goals on their terms. By taking a customer-centric approach to business, we try to maximize the Return on Investment our customers make in us. We are a group of extremely passionate and innovative individuals. Our passion for cyber security manifests itself in our security research and innovative projects.


neil sikka

Neil Sikka: CEO, Co-founder and Managing Partner
Neil (@neilsikka) is a Computer Engineer and Entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of Software Development experience including about 4 years of experience at Microsoft as a Software Developer on Microsoft Exchange and on the MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) as a Software Security Engineer. On MSRC, he has analyzed 0day exploits, memory corruptions, and other security vulnerabilities across multiple Microsoft products. In addition, he worked on security tools such as Microsoft EMET, emergency “FixIts” blocking in-the-wild 0Day attacks, Flame malware response and advanced security research projects. Before Microsoft, he worked on cyber security at Mantech and on system level development at Texas Instruments. He has written an x86 kernel, contributed to the mainline Linux kernel and is the author of “Neil’s Computer Blog”. He has also presented at multiple security conferences around the world, such as DefCon in Las Vegas. Neil has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Maryland.

Sunil Sikka: Co-founder and Managing Partner
Sunil provides oversight and support for business marketing, management and operations. With over 20 years of entrepreneurship and business management experience, he has had success in starting and running businesses in a variety of industries, giving him a broad business knowledge base and understanding. His experience in private and government service industries include marketing, obtaining, maintaining and successfully completing multiple contracts simultaneously with multiple U.S. Governmental Agencies, both in time and within budget. His experiences include being a Minority Owned Business owner registered with Small Business Administration (SBA). In addition, he has successfully graduated from the SBA 8(a) program and is the FSO (Facility Security Officer) for the company’s personnel, facility, and AIS (Automated Information System) assigned and approved by DoD under NISPOM.  Sunil has a Master’s degree in Architecture from University of Texas at Austin in 1980, a partially completed Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Houston in 1983, and a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from University of Delhi, India in 1977.

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