Infrastructure Security

We help our customers gain the most Return on Investment from their IT infrastructures by helping to ensure that their IT environments are well functioning, highly available and secure. We have industry experience in Infrastructure Security including members of Security Response Centers of large companies, innovative researchers and IT administrators who understand real world IT administrative procedures and constraints.

To help customers maintain a secure IT environment, we offer services that can proactively identify weak spots and vulnerabilities in infrastructure before adversaries find them. Unfortunately, sometimes adversaries find vulnerabilities before IT administrative staff. In such cases we also offer services that reactively analyze what the adversary did and how the adversary did it, in addition to cleaning up after the attack, and incident response.

Our Infrastructure protection services include:

  • Reverse Engineering (Executable, File Format, Protocol)
  • Host and Network Forensics
  • Exploit Sample Analysis (including Exploitation Techniques used)
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Attack Reconstruction (After an Attack or Breach has occurred)
  • Network and Infrastructure Hardening
  • Malicious Document Analysis
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