Applicable Industry Verticals

Use Cases:

A1FILO’s ability to stop Data Breaches of both structured and unstructured data from an organization has benefits across industry verticals. A1FILO’s design allows different industry verticals to protect all their data without having to modify custom applications that they might be using or write and monitor detection logic for the types of data they consider sensitive.

  • Energy production and distribution information
  • Disaster Contingency Plans
  • Customer Information
  • Payment Information
  • Client Investment Information
  • Account Information

Download Financial Services Industry Brief

  • “Classified” data at all levels
  • Military Strategies and Plans
  • Citizen Data
  • Intelligence Information
  • Patient Records
  • HIPAA related information
  • Unstructured graphical and audio data that cannot be scanned by DLP
  • Field Reporting Data
  • Reporter contacts
  • Design Blueprints
  • Supply Chain Information
  • Manufacturing Process Trade Secrets
  • Customer Data
  • Supply Chain Information

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