A1Logic Launches A1FILO to Stop Data Breaches and Malicious Insiders

WASHINGTONMarch 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A1Logic announces their Patented A1FILO product that falls into a completely new data protection category called “Data Breach Prevention”. A1FILO stops data breaches by protecting data “IN USE”, in addition to “at rest” and “in transit”. This means that A1FILO is the first product that prevents data breaches even under the assumptions of Malicious Insiders, infected devices and compromised networks.

                                                                             A1FILO Raises The Bar In Data Breach Prevention.

Notable National Security incidents that would have been prevented by A1FILO include the US Office of Personnel Management breach, Edward Snowden’s theft of NSA data and Bradley Manning’s data theft. A1FILO also would have stopped many of the Data Breaches in the Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail industries.

Encryption is a mature technology, but the endpoint devices and humans are the weakest links in data security. The three states of data are “at rest”, “in transit” and “in use”. While “at rest” and “in transit”, the data stays encrypted essentially unmodified and secured. Data “in use” is where the encryption shield is removed, and the encrypted data becomes unencrypted in the device’s memory for the application to process. Here, the unencrypted data is in its most vulnerable state. This is where data breaches take place, and where malware and malicious insiders can easily copy data out. Until now, this is where data “in use” has been vulnerable due to limitations in today’s operating systems, resulting in data breaches. Existing data protection products use heuristics (search, match and protect) and pattern matching, which is bypassed by new patterns. A1FILO’s revolutionary approach uses Algorithms to protect data, and cannot be bypassed by Steganography.

“Data must be protected not only ‘at rest’ and ‘in transit’, but also ‘in use’. A1FILO’s containerization technology protects data under all three scenarios, by making the data ‘in use’ inaccessible even to today’s RAM-Scraping malware,” said Neil Sikka, A1Logic’s CEO. 2018 will bring heavy regulation and severe penalties worldwide with Europe’s GDPR regulation effective May 25 2018. A1FILO protects data and helps customers stay compliant with GDPR.

About A1Logic 
Founded in 2013 by Neil Sikka (a former Microsoft engineer) and Sunil Sikka, A1Logic is a cybersecurity company solving the Data Breach problem with its hypervisor-based innovation platform. With A1FILO, A1Logic is stopping the Data Breaches that threaten the largest corporations and governments.


Sunil Sikka 

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Posted On : 2018/03/07
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